Elyse Graham's Resin-Casted Side Tables are Both Bold and Carefree

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: elysegraham & design-milk
Elyse Graham's resin-casted side tables stand as part of her 'Black Magic Collection,' which explores the beauty that's hidden under the surface, which is always there, but rarely seen.

A thick smokey brown glass rests atop three boldly colored triangular legs, that were individually sanded, giving each of them a unique one-of-a-kind pattern. Resin is used generously in the production of these tables and is poured in layers using a mold to build from the structure from the inside out. The amount of layers are indicative of the thickness of the legs. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the legs are sanded and hand-polished, revealing unique and surprising color patterns and designs.

These tables embody a vibrant and carefree nature and would suit any home that values eclectic designs and bold patterns.