ChopValue is Upcycling Chopsticks into Unique Home Accessories

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: chopvalue & huffingtonpost
Vancouver-based start-up ChopValue is designing aesthetically pleasing and sustainable repurposed chopstick decor for environmentally-friendly homes.

The company turns wood and bamboo chopsticks—that would have otherwise been thrown out after one meal—into tabletops, shelves and coasters. The products made from the recycled wood create a unique striped pattern, but due to the processing, the finished pieces don't resemble their original form. The home decor items are chic, practical and elicit a natural calming warmth.

The ChopValue team collects about 250,000 chopsticks per week from 65 different restaurant locations around the city, which is a sizeable portion of the 100,000 chopsticks which end up in Vancouver landfills daily. Founder Felix Böck says "It tells the story of how much underutilized resources we have in the urban environment," and believes that viable business models can incorporate environmental sustainability.