From Fidget-Friendly Office Furniture to Martian Furniture Series

 - Jul 30, 2017
The July 2017 furniture trends don't have the importance of certain historical furnishings, though that shouldn't necessarily be a knock against them. Consider that in the past, a piece of furniture was the symbolic separation between the most influential person for hundreds of miles around and a court jester — that furnishing is of course a royal throne. Furniture might not have that sort of literal importance, but then again, most furniture designers would agree that living in a democracy rather than a monarchy is a worthy trade-off.

One of the most fascinating themes in the July 2017 furniture trends is the desire to blend furniture with its environment. Jolan van der Wiel's Tropic City collection, for example, is designed to address the specificities of the outdoors in tropical climates, and, even more dramatically, Ma Yansong's newest collection is designed to meld with Martian environments.