The ISP Lamp from DCW Editions Looks Like a Majestic Tube of Light

 - May 31, 2017
References: & thisiscolossal
French furniture and lighting design firm DCW editions released a new tubed lighting fixture called the ISP Lamp that's designed to look like a stick of light, boldly illuminating its surroundings.

LED lights flood the inside of the cylindrical tube, which is encapsulated by brass. When the tube is pulled from its brass casing, it appears that you're pulling out a tube of light, not just a light bulb.

The eclectic mind that designed the ISP Lamp drew inspiration from his background as a plane pilot, inventor and painter to make something that's as much art as it is an object.The tube can be hung vertically or horizontally or laid flat on a table. When the lamp is completely out, it emits a warm glow, and when it's inside its casing, it remains an aesthetically pleasing object.