IKEA's Smart Home Lighting Solutions are Stylish and Inexpensive

Furniture giant, IKEA, has partnered with Amazon, Apple and Google to bring IKEA's smart home lighting to the masses.

As smart home systems enter the marketplace, more and more integrated products are becoming available. IKEA has taken a fantastic step in this direction by offering affordable light solutions that are compatible with smart home devices. IKEA has offered app-connected lighting for some time now with its TRÅDFRI line. Users will now be able to control their IKEA lighting through their smart home device.

This announcement falls in line with IKEA's directive to provide practical and affordable home goods. While Philips' Hue line is also popular with consumers, the price-point of IKEA's smart home lighting line gives it an advantage. As more and more brands work to develop smart home compatible devices, our daily routines will be simplified.