'Lift' is a Kinetic Lighting Design That Responds to Your Movements

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: pattenstudio & yankodesign
'Lift' is an kinetic lighting design that responds to each users individual movements. 24 geometric petals are attached to a single spine creating a lighting structure that sits somewhere between an organic being and a fluttering flower. This interactive lighting will shift ever so slightly when someone walks under it, and move rapidly in response to more dramatic movements. The lighting design is made possible through the infusion of muscle wire, which shrinks when heated resulting in a motor like motion that is "completely silent, fluid and organic." The structure is approximately 10 feet long, with modular components that can allow for additions or customization.

The lighting structure creates a playful dialogue between people and inanimate objects by re-writing the guidelines of possibility for design and home decor.