Lili Lighting Can Be Moved Easily Through a Pulley System

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: lbllighting & yankodesign
Lili Lighting is described as the only ceiling light you'll ever need.

Home furniture is mobile so it can evolve with changing aesthetics and styles, so why do lighting systems have to be static? The Lili Lighting system aims to combat this issue through its mobile properties which allow it to be moved as easily as your sofa or kitchen table.

Lili uses a system of four pulleys which provides the users with the ability to place the lights wherever they please. Simply pulling the chords will slide the lights in their desired spot, whether it be above the couch, or in the corner of the room. This system also proves beneficial for those prone to redecorating as it allows you to curate your space without having to plan around a static light source.

This system allows for complete curation and customization of home decor and interior design.