The Sound Bulb Speaker Emits Both Light and Audio

 - May 31, 2017
References: & yankodesign
Design brand Armada have introduced its Sound Bulb Speakers, a speaker system that sheds some light on the music you're listening to.

The speaker system is disguised inside a traditional light bulb, which can actually be screwed into any home lamp to omit light. Twisting the light bulb into, and turning the lamp on activates the receiver in the bulb's base, which can connect to any music player - including iPhones, PCs and other mobile devices.

The traditional bulb houses the wireless speaker, and router, providing an essentially fail-proof two-in-one system that works as long as you're in range.The Sound Bulb speaker's portability and nuanced design speaks to lovers of unique and novelty products. The bulb acts as a conversation piece, filling your home with both light and music.