From Repurposed Chopstick Decor to Coffee-Based Jewelry

 - Jul 30, 2017
From repurposed chopstick decor to coffee-based jewelry, the July 2017 eco trends clearly demonstrate that companies are becoming increasingly clever in their attempts to repurpose waste materials. In fact, it now seems as though all the the materials that were previously relegated to the waste bin can enjoy a second life as a different product.

One of the unique ways that brands are reusing waste material is by making use of leftover food scraps. More specifically, many brands are using the byproducts of coffee production for new products. For instance, Rosalie McMillan's Java Ore Jewelry is made from recycled coffee grounds, while the Huskee Cups are crafted from the leftover husks of coffee beans.

Beyond the waste from coffee products, brands are also seeking to repurpose other waste products commonly found in the kitchen. This includes disposable chopsticks, which can be turned into stylish home accessories, and single-serve coffee pods, which are now being transformed into handy Swiss Army Knives.