This Structure Would Be Powered by the Thames River's Movements

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: clth & dezeen
Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture has stunned London with its design for a sustainable, water-powered building that is controlled by the movements of the Thames River. This conceptual design features large turbines positioned underneath the building which would generate power through harnessing the tidal power. This particular point in the river allegedly generates tidal power at a high velocity, providing the building with all the electricity required to ensure all five of its storeys functioned.

"The movement of water due to tides represents an untapped source of power that it's high time London harnessed for good," spoke Wayne Head, one of the architecture firm's directors. The company has dreams of turning the site, which is currently used as a garbage dump, into an environmentally friendly structure, making it "London's greenest public building."