The Clever GIRL Buoy Alerts Surfers to the Presence of Deadly Rip Currents

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: & springwise
This environmentally friendly buoy functions as an alert system for surfers trying to avoid dangerous rip currents. Developed by an Australian startup, the Clever GIRL buoy -- or Global Intelligent Rip Locator -- warns people on the beach of riptides.

Fast-moving riptides trigger a turbine, which will turn on a strobe light and notify beach-goers and surfers that potentially deadly rip currents are present. In the future, the Clever GIRL team hope to also add an audible alarm feature.

By converting the power of the currents into kinetic energy, the buoys use a sustainable energy source. The buoy's eco-conscious design features an environmentally friendly turbine lubricant and shark-repelling black and white esthetic to make it more safe for humans without largely disrupting animal life.