Claudette Passo's Solar Wallet Charge Devices with the Sun's Energy

 - May 31, 2017
References: snupdesign & yankodesign
The Solar Wallet, as its name suggests, is a solar-powered smart wallet designed by Claudette Passo with various tools that make day-to-day life a little more convenient. Phones and wallets are the two integral items people have within arms reach at nearly all times -- so why hasn't the wallet evolved at the same rate as the phone has? Passo aimed to create a solution for this question, by adding modern twists on the age-old design, which has barely seen innovation since its conception.

The Solar Wallet is equipped with an internal money clip, allowing the user to carry up to eight cards, with a RFID protection to keep information safe from cyber criminals, a tracker that allows you to locate the wallet remotely should it get lost, and a small solar panel, which can be used to charge your phone.