This First of Its Kind Power Plant Can Generate Energy on Demand

 - Jun 25, 2017
References: infratechindustries & springwise
This revolutionary pilot plant aims to deliver unlimited energy on demand. Based in Sydney, Australian energy company Infratech Industries partnered with the Priority Research Center for Frontier Energy Technologies and Utilization at Newcastle University to develop the first energy on demand power plant in the world -- dubbed the Chemical Looping Energy on Demand System (CLES).

The CLES plant is able to generate enough energy to power about 30 average-sized homes. Within 18 months, Infratech Industries hopes to be able to install refrigerator-sized individual units into homes. As Springwise explains, due to the fact that CLES is capable of producing heat, oxygen, power, hot and cold water at the same time, "it is more than 90% efficient and is capable of overcoming issues about on-time generation and environmental side-effects that plague other energy generation and storage systems."