Genuine Coconut Water Lets Consumers Enjoy Coconut Water from a Coconut

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: genuinecoconut & packagingdigest
As refreshing as it is to enjoy coconut water from a can, there is an added level of enjoyment that comes from sipping coconut water from a coconut. Genuine Coconut Water acknowledges this and packages its product in original coconut containers.

Although cracking into a hard coconut shell can be a challenge, Genuine Coconut Water makes it easy for consumers to access the beverage inside with a pop tab that opens just like a can of soda. This easy-opening system itself is also constructed of coconut husk fiber and resin. Once opened, the natural coconut packaging reveals a hole that can be poked with an included drinking straw.

For its natural coconut water packaging system, Genuine Coconut Water has received numerous innovation awards.