This High-Rise Project Explores the Use of Wood in Modern Architecture

 - May 30, 2017
References: wired
The 'River Beech Tower' is a wooden skyscraper concept being explored by researchers at Cambridge University.

With a structure made of beech-wood and a research site in Chicago, this spindly building is set to be 80 stories high and is intended to solve unanswered questions related to wood as a suitable building material for skyscrapers. Currently, the worlds tallest wooden building is an 18-story dormitory in Vancouver called 'Brock Commons.' Timber fell out of favor as a building material after a series of devastating fires in major American cities. But with massive timber structures in the works in Stockholm and England, architects and engineers are revisiting the material as a sustainable urban building option.

While this structure might never be built, this wooden skyscraper concept hints at a larger movement in urban development.