This Solar House Paint Can Produce Endless Amounts of Clean Energy

 - Jun 19, 2017
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Researchers at RMIT have developed a spreadable solar-powered house paint that can produce an unlimited supply of clean energy.

The substance is comprised of a compound that looks and feels like silica gel but acts as a semiconductor. The paint can collect moisture in the air which in turn, can be split into oxygen and hydrogen, the hydrogen, can then be "captured as a clean fuel source."

As researcher Dr Torben Daeneke from Australia's RMIT says: "Titanium oxide is the white pigment that is already commonly used in wall paint, meaning that the simple addition of the new material can convert a brick wall into energy harvesting and fuel production real estate."

Solar-powered paint essentially makes fuel from the sun and water vapor in the air, providing the consumer with the advantage of a low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible alternative.