SOL Offers Wearable Skin Protection That Reminds Users to Take Care

 - Jul 13, 2017
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SOL is a wearable skin protection device that scans a user's skin for signs of overexposure.

Sunburns at young ages dramatically increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer in adulthood. Unfortunately, most people don't take preventative action regarding their skin. SOL aims to combat this issue through providing a wearable which acts as a gentle, unobtrusive reminder to the wearer -- it urges them to take care of their skin. SOL was conceived with adventure in mind and designed to be worn around a backpack strap. This design allows the device to subtly integrate itself into the user's daily routine.

SOL's skin-scanning technology can detect when the skin has been too exposed to sunlight. Using colors to communicate with the user, this device elicits a proactive sense of urgency surrounding skin protection, which is often overlooked.