- Aug 27, 2017
Some of the most significant August 2017 personal care trends reveal highly targeted wearables designed for specific purposes, as well as cosmetic products that are marketed towards men.

Wearables have become more and more specific in their designs and purposes, as evidenced by the EmeTerm. The device functions as a pulsating tech alternative to taking drugs to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women. Another example is the KeenBrace, which seeks to prevent injury in those who wear it while playing sports, as well as giving them pre-programmed fitness plans that they can use to enhance their health.

As the mainstream beauty industry begins to understand the desire that many men have to take care of their appearance, brands are slowly but surely creating cosmetic products that are specifically targeted at this demographic. These include the Men Pen, which is a concealer product, as well as the Menaji 911 Eye Gel, which tightens the skin and boosts elasticity.

From Anti-Nausea Wearables to Male-Targeted Concealers: