The SleepOvation Mattress is 700 Tiny Mattresses in One

 - Jul 7, 2017
References: sleepovation & digitaltrends
The SleepOvation mattress is the only way that consumers can get treatment on par with the princess from 'The Princess and the Pea' without shelling out for hundreds of mattresses to stack up. The products innovative design offers consumers 700 individual mattresses, and yet its less expensive than most high-end options — that's because each of those 700 mattresses consists of a single spring pocket and memory foam cushion, giving the mattress' internal design a diced look.

SleepOvation's patented mattress design solves the problems that plague both spring and memory foam mattresses. A spring mattresses tend to be relatively uncomfortable, while memory foam mattresses are extremely expensive. People have tried to combine the two by putting memory foam padding over top of spring mattresses, but this solution affects weight distribution, causing partners to wake each other during the night. SleepOvation's 700 tiny mattresses both displace weight properly and save money.