London's Intelligent Bird Street Features Pedestrian-Powered Retail

 - Jul 1, 2017
References: standard & fastcodesign
Bird Street, an under-utilized side road that branches off of London's iconic Oxford Street, has been transformed into the city's first "Smart Street" -- a shopping lane packed with environmentally-friendly and cutting edge technology that's encouraging shoppers to spend more.

This forgotten London alley way is now home to a revamped retail space, offering consumers an immersive shopping experience. The lane way provides shoppers with a chance to see and experience the 500 businesses that make London's west-end so unique. Featuring bright colors, high-tech gear, and pavement that generates energy as it is walked across, this pedestrian-powered road aims to represent the future of retail. In addition, this public space offers temporary real estate to vendors who can't afford London's high priced permanent spaces, helping to paint a more niche, environmentally responsible future for this shopping capital.