The Dreamlight Sleep Mask Uses Light and Sound to Inspire a Restful Sleep

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: engadget & cnet
Many of us do not get nearly enough sleep, but thanks to the Dreamlight sleep mask, those nights of tossing and turning may be over. The Dreamlight was launched at CES 2018 and uses Bluetooth to control light settings in the mask to aid with sleep. The creators of the mask demoed the device at CES and will launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in late January 2018. The Dreamlight works by projecting different hues of light through the LED panels built inside the mask. Using blends of orange and green, the device is meant to easily inhibit sleep and can maintain a restful and peaceful sleep. In addition, the Dreamlight can play a number of sounds ranging from white noise to one's own music collection.

Beyond providing solutions for sleep, the company behind the Dreamlight sleep mask wants to use the device in sleep studies. The creators have partnered with 23andMe to submit the information garnered by the Dreamlight's inboard sensors to provide valuable information in understanding how humans rest. The option to participate in this study is of course optional, but the information garnered from it can help figure out if there are any common genes that may indicate how a person sleeps.