- Jan 15, 2018
CES 2018 was a marvelous display of all the future tech we can expect—and while each gadget, app, peripheral and vehicle is innovative in its own way, there is something to be said about those that truly stood out. If the best innovations at CES 2018 become available soon, it will be an amazing future.

Perhaps one of the biggest innovations at CES 2018 was the Samsung e-Palette. This autonomous retail vehicle was revealed at the Samsung conference on day one and instantly had people buzzing. The e-Palette is the first truly autonomous retail vehicle and could easily change the way consumers shop.

Also featured on this list is the Viaroom Home. Home assistants were all the rage at CES 2018 and for good reason. The ability to use voice commands to control almost anything in the home is groundbreaking technology and with more and more products become "smart" devices the need for home assistants has never been greater. The Viaroom Home is not exactly a home assistant, but instead focuses on corralling all smart devices and using AI to predict when to activate them. This impressive piece of tech is sure to change the way AI is introduced to humanity and shows the true practical potential of the software.

From Air-Powered Batteries to Autonomous Retail Vehicles: