The Viaroom Home Uses Predictive AI to Automate Your Home

 - Jan 9, 2018
References: viaroom & cnet
Home assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Echo are becoming common household fixtures but their limitation lies in the need to be commanded, this is where the Viaroom Home comes into play. The Viaroom Home is an ATES Networks backed startup that is set to change the way home automation is done. Premiering at CES 2018, the Viaroom Home is meant to round up all the smart devices in your home and can anticipate home automation by using AI that learns the users habits. Essentially the device works as a multihub that connects and syncs smart home products.

After a 48-hour set up period, the time allows the device to analyze habits and what is going on in the house, the Viaroom Home will have a detailed map of the systems in the house as well as the usage and habits of its users. From there, the Viaroom Home will be able to predict and anticipate system usage. For example, if a lamp is turned on manually at a certain time everyday the AI would anticipate when the lamp is usually on and the user can automate that action.

The Viaroom Home will be able to work with products such as Philips Hue, Osram, Fibaro, Vera, Aeotec, Google Home and Amzon Echo. The device is expected to hit markets at the end of January 2018.