This Innovative Stroller Helps New Parents Maintain Exercise Regimes

 - Jan 11, 2018
References: ellipticalstroller & newatlas
An innovator by the name of Pier Paolo Visconti has gone ahead and developed an extraordinarily innovative stroller that is designed to make it possible for new parents to continue their exercise regimes without leaving their baby unattended at home.

Dubbed the Elliptical Stroller, this contraption functions exactly as its name suggests, in that it doubles up as a stroller and an elliptical machine. This stroller features a typical baby carriage in the front and a unique elliptical drive setup in the rear, ensuring that parents can get their work out in while taking their little one for a walk in the park.

Set to be sold for a price of $1,250, this innovative stroller is sure to take the market by storm thanks to the fact that it promises new parents the ability to maintain their fitness despite their busy baby schedules.