From Streetwear Onesies to Premie Skincare Solutions

 - Dec 9, 2018
Welcoming a new born into the world isn't easy, but this list of gifts for recent parents features products and innovations that can make that transition a little more manageable.

This list includes plenty of practical items any new parent would want, like Nanit Plus' tech-fueled aerial baby monitor, which offers parents peace of mind in the early months of a child's life. Other innovations include BEB Organic's skincare solutions for premature babies, which offers organic and gentle ingredients to soothe a child's skin.

The more stylish parent may be excited to outfit their newborn in the latest fashions, and this list has no shortage of options. Recently, Anwar Carrots released a line of adorable streetwear-inspired onesies, while The Pond Los Angeles launched a Millennial pink diaper bag dubbed 'The Modern Bag.'