The MooGoo Baby Travel Pack is a Convenient Combination of Baby Items

 - Feb 26, 2018
Traveling with an infant is often an anxiety-inducing prospect for new parents, so the MooGoo Baby Travel Pack is a product that helps to make that experience a bit easier. The combination set of baby products houses some of MooGoo's most popular items in travel-friendly containers.

The MooGoo Baby Travel Pack comes with a handful of baby products. These include a non-irritating body wash, skin-soothing MSM cream, diaper balm, nipple cream, anti-bacterial hand moisturizer, and a cute cow toy for the bath. The products are all 100 milliliters or smaller, making them safe for taking in carry-on luggage when flying. That means that parents will be able to care for their babies on the plane, reducing the chances of a stressful situation with a crying baby while in the air.