- Mar 24, 2018
The developments in baby care, from clothing to cosmetics to technology, are especially surprising when one considers that the babies themselves have basically no idea what's going on. But even if those blissful little people can't begin to comprehend the effort that businesses make to keep them comfortable and happy, that doesn't mean those efforts aren't worth it.

Babies have delicate skin, and with summer scant months away, caring for that skin under the sun is essential. Bare Republic's Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is designed to do just that. It's infused with chamomile, making it gentle enough for babies while still keeping strong enough to protect them from UV rays.

The sun isn't the only threat to babies' skin, though. Diaper rash is a baby's (and a parent's) nightmare, so Earth Mama's Organic Diaper Balm should keep their bums in pristine condition.

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