RATATOUïE Offers a Subscription Service for New Parents

 - Mar 28, 2018
References: ratatouie
RATATOUïE, a brand that creates fresh, nutritious, and completely natural baby food products, now offers a subscription service for busy parents who would benefit from having a little extra time around the house.

The wholesome meals are suitable for children who are 6 months old, up until they are just over the age of 3. As the child's needs change, RATATOUïE is able to adapt by offering different serving sizes and ingredients that will help them grow healthily.

To create the baby food, RATATOUïE sources organic ingredients, cooks everything to order in a professional kitchen, and then delivers it to the doors of consumers. The food is entirely free of added sugars and salt, preservatives, artificial colors and flavoring, starch fillers, and synthetic vitamins.