From Mobile Meal Prep Stations to Portion Control Serving Tools

 - Jan 11, 2019
These portion control innovations range from mobile meal prep stations to portion control serving tools. With a new year underway, many are taking on healthy lifestyle resolutions and are curbing unhealthy habits with portion controlled, home-cooked meals along with pre-prepped snacks that eliminate the need for takeout.

Making at-home meal prep and conscious dining easier than ever before, products like Ponsawan Vuthisatkul's 'New Normal' collection and the conceptual 'Prepdeck' focus on size and practicality.

Consisting of six pieces -- four compact bowls that are ideal for nutritionist-recommended rice, meat, salad and fruit portions and two smaller serving spoons that are perfect for dips and garnishes -- the New Normal range marries elegant design with conscious sizing for those sticking to dietary goals. Similarly, the Prepdeck is a conceptual mobile meal station that features various compartments and makes over 40 food combinations possible in one compact product.