- Feb 25, 2018
As the February 2018 sports trends make clear, the world of sports is in the middle of a sea change. The history of sports has consistently been marked by improvement. A century ago, athletes were basically those who had the best innate skills and fitness levels — training was barely practiced. Once training became common practice for athletes, the race began to unlock the best training technology, and the February 2018 sports trends show that race is far from over.

Efficiency is the most prized quality for any athlete or team, regardless of the sport. One of the best ways to measure efficiency is by crunching data. In the past, this data was simultaneously collected and analyzed in coaches' heads, but modern, mobile fitness-tracking technology has made athletic analytics a precise science. From swing-analyzing golf balls to performance-tracking sports bras, the analytics era is upon us.

From VR-Streaming Olympic Events to Swing-Analyzing Golf Balls: