Wi-Fiber's Smart Lighting can be Retrofitted on Existing Street Lamps

 - Jan 11, 2018
References: wi-fiber.us & engadget
As connected devices continue their march toward total ubiquity, Wi-Fiber's smart, modular street lamps offer an affordable, convenient infrastructural solution for cities and citizens alike. The company has developed a system for retrofitting existing street lamps with connected technology that can do anything from providing Wi-Fi to changing colors or strobing.

The Wi-Fi aspect of Wi-Fiber's street lamps is likely the most interesting aspect for the average city-dweller. Most major cities have strong cellular data coverage, but public Wi-Fi access could save people money on things like data overages.

For cities, there's more than just the appeal of Wi-Fi for citizens. The Wi-Fiber lights' color changing means that they could be used as emergency alert points, or, on a more pleasant note, as a creative way to mark city-wide celebrations.