- Nov 26, 2017
While many lament the days when air travel was a thrilling, sophisticated affair, the November 2017 travel trends prove that those days might not be over just yet. Just like in the early days of flying, planes are once again becoming sophisticated spaces that make travelers feel pampered and spoiled.

One way in which airlines are making their aircrafts more comfortable is by improving the sleeping arrangements. Indeed, with more and more people embarking on long-haul flights, there is an increased demand for more comfortable sleeping quarters. One example of this shift is the partnership between Casper -- the Millennial favorite mattress brand -- and American Airlines to create a new line of in-flight sleeping products. Another example is Qantas' menu of airplane pillows, which allows passengers to select the cushion option that best suits their needs.

In addition to helping passengers catch some z's, the November 2017 travel trends demonstrate that airlines are also making an effort to improve their dining options. For instance, Caon Studio and Noritake teamed up with Qantas to design an exclusive line of luxury tableware.

From In-Flight Pillow Menus to Premium Aircraft Dinnerware: