This Elegant Tableware was Designed Especially for Qantas Airline

 - Sep 28, 2017
References: yankodesign
The elegant tableware seen here was designed especially for the Qantas airline by the Caon Studio and Noritake to provide passengers with a truly exceptional dining experience when relaxing at cruising altitude. The collection consists of a five-piece cutlery set, a four-piece glassware set and a 16-piece crockery set that are all intended to enhance the meal being eaten by being balanced, lightweight and soft in aesthetic. What's created with the elegant tableware is a collection of pieces that are all somewhat soothing and relaxing to help the passenger remain calm throughout their flight and dining experience.

The tableware collection focuses on a shift from designs that scream luxury to more demure aesthetics that are becoming more applicable to consumers with a taste for high-end accoutrements.