From Intricate Architectural Pastries to Holographic Flatware

 - Oct 29, 2017
In a certain respect, virtually everyone is a designer, which makes the October 2017 design trends all the more interesting to anyone reading about them. At one point or another, everyone has designed something, whether that be something more artistic or something more practical. In any case, design is clearly something that has a massive impact on most people.

Some designs, those that fall into the category of industrial design, tend to more geared toward functionality. Freitag's Zippelin luggage bag, for instance, is fully inflatable, which also makes it fully collapsible. Ultimately, the bag saves valuable space for travelers.

In other cases, design is more plainly aesthetic. One such example is in CB2's iridescent flatware, which is functionally unexceptional but formally fascinating thanks to a captivating, holographic patina.