Shiro Studio's Uluru Collection for Metalco Boasts a Modular Design

 - Aug 31, 2017
The 'Uluru Collection' for Metalco is a line of concrete seating conceived by Shiro Studio. The collection is not only minimalist in its look and feel but is also easy to customize, thanks to a variety of backrest attachments that are easy to re-configure.

The backrests include oversized versions that ensure comfort for adults along with smaller elements that are ideal for small children or toddlers. Whether configured like a flat bench, or as a unit with backrests, Uluru is ideal for public spaces like waiting rooms or airports.

The furniture collection will maximize small spaces and is simple to personalize. Its sleek aesthetic is paired with a durable construction and "UHPC—ultra-high-performance concrete" materials. Speaking to society's growing desire for playful public spaces, this furniture ensures that waiting areas are more interactive than mundane.