The Versatile BLOK 3/1 is Perfect for Compact Spaces

 - Sep 20, 2017
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Furniture items are often discarded as a homeowner's needs change, which is why Jana Lukcova created BLOK 3/1 -- a multi-functional furniture piece that can serve as a bookshelf, a chair or a side table.

BLOK separates itself from other examples of multi-functional furniture as its three forms can be accessed by simply turning the product on its side, as opposed to using tools. Flipping the chair upside down reveals a comfortable cushion, creating an ideal seating environment. When flipped again, the chair's flat base becomes an ideal space to hold drinks, books or other miscellaneous home items.

This simplified method makes the device ideal for compact living, as the product can quickly adapt to its surroundings, offering the user a customized experience each time it is used.