- Dec 23, 2017
These eco gift ideas range from sustainable accessory lines to eco-friendly tech gadgets. Standouts in the realm of fashion include Veerah's vegan leather heels which are actually constructed from discarded apple peel fragments, and Pälemer's plastic streetwear range which is made from recycled plastic bags.

When looking at sustainable beauty offerings, products to note include Antonym's Baked Highlighter, an organic makeup product that is also packaged in a recyclable bamboo container. Similarly, products like w.r.yuma's eyewear products are upcycled and 3D-printed for convenience and affordability.

Other eco gifts to note include CasusGrill's bio-degradable bbq, IKEA's Odger click-lock chair, and Memobottles' sleek water vessels. These accessories were released in an effort to combat plastic bottle waste and its harmful effects on the environment at large.

From Sustainable Accessory Lines to Eco-Friendly Tech Gadgets: