Son of a Tailor's Made-to-Order Garments Promise a Perfect Fit

 - Oct 10, 2017
References: sonofatailor & psfk
Due to the popularity of fast fashion, most t-shirts available in stores are mass-produced, and designed based on generic sample sizes that don't fit everyone, which is precisely why Son of a Tailor has begun producing high-quality, made to order garments.

Through the website, consumers are invited to customize their own shirt, choosing between a variety of fabrics and precise measurements that ensure a perfectly fitted neckline, sleeves and ideally placed pockets. In addition, customers can create an online body profile, which takes their age, weight and shoe size.

This company also serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion, as the garments are made-to-order, eliminating the need for the company to keep any over stock, which would eventually go to waste.