The 'Dreameets' Has a Filling Made from Different Types of Wood

 - Sep 12, 2017
References: kickstarter
'Dreameets' brands itself as "the world's first transformable pillow" with a design that originates from nature.

The pillow boasts an innovative ergonomic and breathable design that introduces an alternative to natural materials like rubber, cotton and feather. The Dreameets pillow sets itself apart with a composition of six different types of wood particles, which offer varying levels of hardness and as a whole, are extremely supportive to the head and neck during sleep. Due to the flexible form of the pillow, it may be arranged to form a shape that best fits one's needs.

There is a high demand for products that will help people improve the quality of their sleep, and Dreameets is one that has already surpassed its initial crowdfunding goals on Kickstarter.