This Food-Themed Poster Shares 42 Specialties Across Japan

 - Sep 6, 2017
The Japan Delicacy Poster is the first poster that illustrates Japanese delicacies and local specialties. The piece of wall art consists of 42 distinctive local food and unique dishes across the land of Japan.

Delicacies from Japan have been spreading to the western world at a very rapid pace over the past few decades. However, as designer Fanny Chu traveled more and more between the USA and Japan, she realized these specialties are especially famous in one region over another for good reasons. Fundamentally, most of these delicacies remain local due to geographical, cultural and historical influence. This includes items like delicious local seafood such as snow crab, squid and sea urchin. There are also cultural, exotic dishes such as raw chicken sashimi, monkfish hot pot and beef tongue. Some historical dishes are still popular in some cities, just like wanko soba, cherry blossom pickles and rice cracker soup.

The Japan Delicacy Poster Guide is now live on Kickstarter. To support the campaign, backers may choose to receive a digital version of the poster print to avoid shipping fees.