From Fur-Covered Timepieces to Wizardly Bedroom Collections

 - Oct 28, 2017
From cat-friendly bookshelf designs to multipurpose air purifiers, the October 2017 home ideas envision some of the many ways that ordinary decor objects might be tweaked to enhance everything from social interactions to ease of use.

One of the most interesting new products to be released for the home comes from Eight's Smart Mattress collection and introduces voice-controlled mattresses that are powered by Amazon Alexa. With this smart mattress, users are able to adjust the bed's heating and firmness controls and even ask for sleep analysis summaries. This speaks to the way that both small accessories and large-scale furniture pieces have the potential to be connected in the future.

A number of objects designed for use within the home are being crafted with precise mathematical proportions in mind—like the Warmup tableware collection—offering carefully considered items for the interior that are both aesthetically pleasing and scientifically perfect.