'Flow Loop' Introduces a Shower That Filters and Recirculates Water

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: flow-loop & treehugger
Taking a shower with hot water is a process that wastes a ton of energy by sending waste water straight down the drain. Although there are few systems that have successfully been put in place to remedy this issue, Flow Loop is introducing itself as a forward-thinking new option.

Flow Loop describes that "the water you use will continuously circulate through the purifying filters and the ultrasonic descaler," and even after just one circulation, the water is actually cleaner and safer to use than before.

The purification process involves a UV filter, an ultrasonic descaler, as well as a self-cleaning micro filter and a prefilter that prevents large particles, such as hair, from entering the closed-loop water cycling system. Flow Loop also offers a panel that allows consumers to switch back to "regular mode" as an alternative to the energy-efficient "circulation mode" at any time.