The 'DrinkPure' Home Faucet Promises Containment-Free Drinking Water

Following the success of its high-tech outdoor filtration system, 'Novamem' has introduced a home-integrated iteration, offering homeowners containment-free drinking water. The system was created in response to America's polluted waterways, which contain dangerous levels of toxins that are linked to hormonal problems, obesity and cancer. This crisis has prompted companies to craft creative solutions to ensure inhabitants don't have to choose between staying hydrated or maintaining their health.

This screw-on filtration system serves as that, offering filtered water form the convenience of one's tap. The company admits that current faucets on the market only remove chlorine, which simply isn't enough when considering the amount of toxins that exist in even seemingly clean waterways. This faucet utilizes the same filtration process found in pharmaceutical operations, promising sterile, purified drinking water right from the tap.