- Aug 8, 2018
These artistic and innovative plastic straw alternatives will have consumers indulging in cold beverages in a sustainable manner. As the pilgrimage of the eco-unfriendly version of the drinking instrument is well on its way, artisans are taking advantage and creating tech-infused, aesthetically pleasing or simply functionally minimalist products as substitutes.

The list of plastic straw alternatives is growing with each day. An option for the design-minded consumer who values technique and personalization is the category for handmade reusable straws on Etsy — from Bill and Ben Design's ceramic straws that can be customized to the delicate aesthetic of Arlie Glass' handcrafted crystal glass drinking utensil. For business-specific needs, Starbucks offers a likely inspiration with its straw-free cup lid and Garrett Paper Inc.'s fully renewable and BPI-certified compostable Bio Straw is also a guilt-free alternative.

From Handmade Crystal Glass Straws to Edible Drinking Straws: