The Etekcity 3-Stage Filtration Straw Filters Out All Impurities

 - Aug 20, 2017
References: & gearhungry
Keeping enough water with you when heading out on a camping trip or a hike can be quite heavy to carry with you, so the Etekcity 3-Stage Filtration Straw is here to offer a means of turning any water source into your own water fountain. Ideal for avid travelers and those who enjoy the outdoors, the straw works by implementing an activated carbon filter along with a hollow fiber membrane filter to keep bacteria, diseases and protozoa out of your water. The device is reported to remove 99.9% of waterborne diseases to make it suitable for avid adventure enthusiasts or for placement in an emergency kit.

The Etekcity 3-Stage Filtration Straw also comes with a water pouch to collect water into for later consumption.