This Bookshelf for Cats is Complete with Trap Doors

 - Sep 18, 2017
References: barkerfreeman & contemporist
This home, designed by BFDO Architects, comes equipped with an adorable cat-friendly bookshelf that facilitates the family's love of reading, while serving as an exploitative fixture for one's furry friend.

The accommodating interior features a large, built-in bookshelf that occupies an entire wall that runs from the front of the living room to the back of the newly renovated Brooklyn home. Integrated into the shelving unit are a series of shelves that create steps which the family cat can access and climb. These steps rise vertically, leading up to an "observation ledge," which offers the animal a place to sleep and explore from an elevated vantage point.

To make matters even more exciting, this cat-friendly bookshelf features trap doors, which enable the cat to enter rooms on the second floor of the house.