- Feb 24, 2018
Due to overpopulation in urban cities, low income families, as well as student residency issues, architectural firms have began conceptualizing and building effective housing solutions. The majority of these structures are innovative, affordable and compact.

The egg-shaped micro home, the European-styled trailer and the floating photographic studios don't keep residents tied up to one place and allow for an exciting life on the road. Other architects tackle different issues. The proposal for the stackable OPod micro housing solution by James Law Cybertecture seeks to address the housing crisis in Hong Kong, while the San Jose homelessness-combating tiny homes by Gensler narrow down the issue to a singular societal group.

These tiny housing solutions have been popularized in the last year, signifying the extremely lively dynamic of overpopulated cities, towns that struggle with poverty and unemployment, and, potentially, the restlessness of individuals who seek out an escape into the wilderness.

From Mobile Artist Studios to Micro Housing Relief Initiatives: