Atelier LAVIT's Hotel is Situated in Southeastern France

 - Feb 2, 2018
References: atelier-lavit & designboom
French design firm atelier LAVIT has designed a floating eco-friendly hotel, whose prefabricated suites float in a lake in Southeastern France. The project bears the clever name of Narcissus and in order to benefit the efficient construction process, the wooden cabin structures were built offsite and later transported and reassembled at the hotel's remote site. The buoyant shacks not only offer shelter and privacy for guests, but also blend into the natural landscape.

The wooden frameworks of the suites reference primitive living structures and the studio designed them to "float on the water like rafts and offer sweeping views across the lake." Located on a marine reserve near the city of Avignon, these floating eco-friendly hotel rooms are a wonderfully uncommon instance of travel accommodations.

Photo Credits: Macro Lavit Nicora