The 'Sequoia Shelter' is a Practical Solution for Off-the-Grid Living

 - Jul 26, 2017
This hanging treehouse by French architecture firm 'Les Etablissements Tourneux' is providing people with an elevated oasis.

Thanks to rental platforms like Airbnb, travelers and explorers are expanding their horizons by sleeping in spaces that can be both bizarre and whimsical. The 'Sequoia Shelter,' serves as an example of this as its compact design allows for the flexibility and portability to make for a quick night stay virtually anywhere.

The modular room takes on a variety of shapes without disrupting the tree or its branches. The configurable wooden design was conceived strategically to ensure for easy transportation and assembly. The treehouse features a narrow apex, which allows the room to be hung from a variety of elevations, serving as the perfect solution to off-the-grid living, a guest room or a children's playroom.