This Pet-Friendly Home Lets Your Cat Enjoy Mobile Living

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: alpinetinyhomes & newatlas
Utah-based company Alpine Tiny Homes has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of tiny house design, and while it has impressed several human consumers so far, its latest offering is a pet-friendly home that should be hugely popular among feline occupants.

Aptly dubbed El Gato, which is Spanish for 'The Cat', this particular tiny home features a number of design features that will make your cat feel at home. These include a gorgeous cat tree that lets your feline hop around with reckless abandon. Humans will also enjoy this home however, thanks to a unique layout that includes stairs leading from the bathroom to the main bedroom.

This pet-friendly home on wheels is an excellent choice for people looking to reap the advantages of mobile living, but who are unwilling to compromise on the comfort of their dear pets.